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Devana Technologies and Centili organize the DevOps meetup in Belgrade.

DevOps Talk Belgrade meetup is about learning and sharing information on the DevOps movement – culture, practices and tools.

This is a networking event for professionals, hackers, managers, and engineers – from development and operations backgrounds – interested in scalability, high availability, continuous integration, automation and other DevOps responsibilities.

In two short presentations, we will cover several interesting topics, each one is different topics.

After the conference part and 2 short presentations, You will have a chance to chat with fellow DevOps engineers over drinks and snacks.

We plan to meet every 2 months. Meetup format is 1 hour in lectures and 2 hours networking after that.

Speakers DevOps Talk #3

Milan Radojkovic DevOps Talk
Speakers #3

Milan Radojković

Milan is ten-year-experienced senior developer in telecommunication industry, being part of Centili Mobile Payments for last 5 years, in the role of...

Aleksandar Brankovic DevOps Talk
Speakers #3

Aleksandar Branković

In his role as Centili CTO, Aleksandar is responsible for architecture, infrastructure and deployment across all services related to the Infobip...

The 3rd DevOps Talk Meetup will be held at Startit Center, Savska 5 on the June 7th from 18:00h


Startit Centar

Speakers DevOps Talk #2

Speakers DevOps Talk #1



Devana Technologies

The future aint what it used to be.

Once upon a time, people would plan a career for life. Our parents did that, and their parents did it too. A...

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Centili was founded in 2010 as Infobip’s mobile payments brand, a powerful carrier billing platform for telecoms and online merchants...