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DevOps Talk Crowd
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DevOps Talk #1: Aftermath

To be honest I was a bit scared how many people will we be able to gather considering that this is our fist meetup and not everyone knew how to find their way to Devana Technologies office, even though it is located in downtown.

In the end my worries proved to be unsubstantiated. We had 38 visitors at our first DevOps meetup which was more than we hoped. So I must say it went quite well in the end.

Aleksandar Nenov
Aleksandar Nenov

Aleksandar Nenov (CloudWebOps) talked about “Learning about Cloud Computing with AWS” and gave good points about reasons to use AWS for fast scaling. He said that CloudWebOps collaboration with WhiteCitySoft is a DevOps success story itself because of the way it happened and the way it works now.

“Over the last 5 years, we were constantly challenged to improve and implement the best Development practices with the best Operations practices to make clients over the globe happy and their businesses successful”, says Aleksandar.

Nikola i Lazar
Nikola i Lazar

Nikola Djokic (GTECH) and Lazar Travica (Devana Technologies) had a talk called “Server Orchestration and Configuration Management” which used funny references that compared Automation of Development and Delivery to cooking. It was very educative and they were almost funny from time to time. :)

Ansible is a powerful automation tool that you can learn quickly. Ansible doesn’t prevent mistakes, but rather allows you to deploy in spite of mistakes faster than ever”, explained Lazar.

Marko Anastasov

Our guest Marko Anastasov (Rendered Text) talked about “Continuous Integration in Practice” which covered the CI experience from their product Semaphore CI. Semaphore is a hosted continuous integration and deployment service for open source and private projects created by guys at Rendered Text and we suggest that you try it.

Marko pointed out his favorite word is KAIZEN – Japanese word for ” continuous improvement“, because of the part CONTINUOUS.

The networking part was also successful and lasted for almost two hours.

Networking DevOps
Networking DevOps

We would like to thank you all for coming and hope to see you again in 2 months when we will hold DevOps Talk #2.

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned and follow our newly created twitter account where we plan to announce all future meetups.



Orchestration and Configuration Management

Learning about Cloud Computing with AWS

Continuous Integration in Practice

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