The Beggining
The Beggining
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DevOps Talk #1: The Beginning

“DevOps” is meant to denote a close collaboration between what were previously purely development roles, purely operations roles, and purely QA roles. Because software needs to be released at an ever-increasing rate, the old “waterfall” develop-test-release cycle is broken. While every iteration is supposed to end with a “production ready” version of the system, it has not been common to actually release to production regularly.

A big part of DevOps is looking at the whole system of delivering a new application end-to-end but DevOps is not just about the code or the technology implementation. It’s really looking at the bigger picture across business, leadership and technology and making sure you put the right mix together. DevOps is a people issue and how they work with each other and the process is crucial.

This is why we decided to host DevOps meetups in Devana. To give people passionate about DevOps the opportunity to meet and talk about DevOps best practices, tools and challenges they face in their day-to-day work. It doesn’t matter if you already consider yourself a DevOps professional or if you are just interested in applying DevOps practices in your company. You are welcome to come and learn as we all do day after day.

Our first meetup will be held on September 17th 2015. at 6 PM in our amphitheater on 10th floor.

In three short presentations we will cover several interesting topics:

  • Learning about Cloud Computing with AWS
  • Server Orchestration and Configuration Management
  • Continuous Integration in Practice

Considering that this is our first DevOps meetup we decided to keep to general subjects. Later meetups will have more focused subjects and case studies of actual deployments.

After that we will start the second part of the meetup – which is an open-ended networking event on our terrace with a beautiful view on Belgrade.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank Aleksandar Nenov (CloudWebOps), Marko Anastasov (Rendered Text), Nikola Djokic (GTECH) and Lazar Travica (Devana Technologies) who will form our first batch of meetup speakers.

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