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DevOps Talk #3: Communication. Collaboration. Integration.

Communication. Collaboration. Integration.
Communication. Collaboration. Integration.
The 3rd DevOps Talk Belgrade will be held on Tuesday 7 at 6pm, at the Startit Center.

The main aim of this meetup is to unite all of those (system administrators, software engineers, testers and users) who are actively involved in the development of quality software. The role that DevOps plays is to bring developers and cooperations closer together. The idea behind this isn’t just for work purposes, but overall to create a community and achieve new results.

At this meetup you will have the opportunity to listen to two interesting talks about Continuous Integration and Delivery. Each will last approximately 30 minutes. The rest of the meetup is meant for you to exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as meet new people.

The speakers are  Aleksandar Branković (Centili CTO) and Milan Radojković (Centili Senior Software Engineer – Team Leader).

There is no entrance fee, but the number or attendees is limited to 60 people, so make sure you get yourself registered.

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